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EPraise for Toby Towson

"The kids really enjoyed the Alphabet Dancer performance. The teachers were commenting on how they loved making the letters with their own bodies afterwards and were doing it spontaneously and with great joy. I think it's important for boys to hear that it's cool to dance, and for them all to hear about following their dreams."

Ann Quinn, PTA, Hillcrest Elementary School, Baltimore County, Maryland

"I have known Toby Towson for many years. He has been a great supporter of my foundation and has performed and choreographed for several of my gymnastics gala performances.  One of the most memorable performances was a year ago when he performed the Alphabet Dance! What is so wonderful about this dance is the interactive exchange with the audience - especially for the children.The alphabet comes to life through this dance and the physical demonstration excites the audience and brings creativity, humor and delight throughout the performance. I highly recommend this series for audiences to learn and enjoy. It represents an ideal of body/mind connection to the alphabet that all ages can relate to and benefit from."


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