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Assembly Program from veteran teacher
Toby Towson

Alphabet Dancer Toby Towson is a living alphabet book, making the shapes of all the letters of the alphabet with his body while talking about words that begin with each letter.

The show includes poetry, singing, dancing and basic acrobatics like cartwheels, headstands, and handstands.

Students are encouraged to make the letter shapes themselves and to spell their own name with their body.

This school assembly program is a delightful combination of reading, writing, arts, and physical education.

The Alphabet Dancer inspires kindergarten and elementary school students to enjoy learning language arts and be physically fit.

Assembly Program

• Grades K - 3

• Runs 35 - 40 minutes.

• Single $300

• Back to Back $400

• Show & Workshop $400

















Phone: cell (301) 943-4144

Email: tobytowson 'at'